CVP Voices Concern Over Dirty MRF Trend

A Statement from CVP Executive Director, Keefe Harrison:

For the past decade, Curbside Value Partnership has been dedicated to ensuring the expanded recovery of not just any recyclables, but good quality recyclables. Today’s recyclables are tomorrow’s printed paper, consumer goods, and packages.  We are concerned that Indianapolis’ pursuit of a mixed waste facility is a step away from that ideal.  “Dirty MRFs” have no track record nor any proven ability to support the development of clean, high quality and thus valuable recyclables.

Traditional curbside programs do have such a track record. High performing curbside programs all across the U.S. consistently deliver high quality feedstocks increasingly essential to manufacturers, small and large, to make a wide range of everyday goods. More and more, consumers find recycled content in the products they buy. Yesterday’s food and beverage cans can return back to the shelf as new cans or in a whole host of durable goods; used plastics bottles can return to bottles, a living room carpet, or tomorrow’s football jerseys; cereal box fiber into new cereal boxes; cardboard into packaging; cartons into tissues. The list goes on.

To continue this successful trend, recycling programs must deliver dependable supplies of good quality recyclables. CVP is working with brand owners, manufacturers and commodity industry stakeholders to expand a system that we know works: traditional curbside recycling.  Before investing in untested “dirty MRF” technology, we encourage communities to consider the importance of clean recyclables to many of our country’s most important industries, and to choose the proven path of effective recovery.

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