Curbside Value Partnership to Dramatically Increase Recycling Rates

With more than a decade’s experience in driving public-private initiatives to boost recycling rates, Curbside Value Partnership is pleased to announce the implementation of its newest collaboration, The Recycling Partnership. Aimed at targeting strategic improvements to create long-standing increases in recycling recovery rates, the effort transforms public program performance through infrastructure improvements and strategic outreach. By financing one-time contributions to municipal recycling programs, long-standing improvements will take their hold.

“We’re confident that the strategic thinking that’s shaped the Recycling Partnership will be successful in driving the increased recovery of recyclables,” said Jay Bassett, Materials Management Chief, EPA Region 4. “Many companies and organizations, both public and private, have been working and hoping for an innovative driver for recycling. It’s rewarding that we’re able to see aspiration turned into action.”

Understanding that systems problems deserve systems solutions Curbside Value Partnership will leverage private dollars to unlock public investments around strategic recycling improvements that are designed to increase recovery. Selected communities will receive technical and financial assistance around four key areas:
• Access: Ensuring all households with curbside collection are served by large roll carts.
• Champion Building: Bolstering support from local and state elected officials.
• Regional Coordination: Creating strategy across the entire supply chain, ensuring use of best management practices.
• Education and Outreach: Increasing participation and reducing contamination.

With first efforts beginning in the Southeast, The Recycling Partnership builds upon the key findings and grows to a national program to promote recycling. “We set a goal to start on July 1, and that’s what we’re doing,” explains Curbside Value Partnership executive director Keefe Harrison. “The hardest part was starting but we’re hearing only positive feedback on our technical assistance and grants-based initiative. We’ll continue to push forward with more partners and better work aimed at growing to national scale.”

Curbside Value Partnership recognizes the founding Partners: Alcoa Foundation, American Chemistry Council, American Forest & Paper Association, the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers, Ball Corporation, Carton Council, Coca-Cola, Society of the Plastics Industry and Sonoco.

“This isn’t an academic exercise – this is real,” expounds Southeast Recycling Development Council’s (SERDC) executive director Will Sagar. SERDC’s December 2013 Symposium and resulting SERDC 120 process laid much of the groundwork of the Recycling Partnership. “We are proud to be part of this thoughtful endeavor. After so many years of fragmented efforts, it’s truly rewarding that the industry is taking this coordinated step together.”

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